SAR Class 15CA 2820

Builder:   North British Locomotive Company
Year:         1928
Builders Number:   23783

15CA 2820 currently stands on #3 scrap road in the Millsite, Krugersdorp locomotive depot. Although it was not high on the priority list to rebuild her initially, she has now made her way to the top.

An inspection was carried out during May 2019 and it showed that prior to her being withdrawn from service she had undergone major boiler work. As can be seen in the photo, the side sheet on both sides has been replaced as well as the front throat plate corners. Also all of the flexible stays have been replaced.

Although most of the grates and fire bars are missing, this is not an issue as we will be converting 2820 to burn reclaimed motor oil. We are currently in discussions with and expert in the field of conversions to make 2820 not only efficient, but also a high performance modern day steam locomotive.

The photo to the right shows the type of firebox/oil burner instillation that will be installed into 2820. Using modern technologies to superheat the atomiser steam, a pilot burner to warm and cool the locomotive prolonging boiler life are just some of the upgrades that we will make to 2820.

An interesting observation was the finding of the mounting studs for a Westinghouse air compressor. At some time prior to her retirement she was either working at a mine, or about to be transferred to one. During her restoration we intend to fit a compressor back on her and also a No. 4 automatic brake valve and “W” type independent brake valve as finding a suitable vacuum brake ejector with steam brake will be nearly impossible.