Since embarking on this journey some of the priorities have changed with the changing circumstances. Initially I set out to save some South African steam locomotives which were destined to be scrapped. Now the beast has grown in momentum to a point where it now has a life of its own.

Project 1

Our first project is to secure the part of Millsite locomotive depot which we now call our home. It is part of the old boiler shop/house and roads leading up to it. We will be erecting new fences, repairing the existing fences where needed and providing 24 X 7 security personal.

Next we will be bringing in our equipment to start restoration work on our locomotives. This will include providing doors on the end of the shed to close it off from the elements and additional security.

Future plans include the installation of an inspection pit, refuelling point for the oil burners and water harvesting from the shed roofs.

Project 2

Our first locomotive project will be 15CA 2820. As mentioned on her own page she will be modified and upgraded to bring her into the modern age.

She will be separated from her tender prior to being moved into the shed, the tender undergoing its own restoration. This will include the fitting of an oil tank and ground filling points for both oil and water.

Project 3

Simultaneously we will be restoring Class 15F 2940. Many rumours abound about this locomotive, but it appears from my inspection that the one about her having a full rebuild prior to retirement is correct.

An inspection of the interior of the boiler including the flexible stays show that they are in excellent condition. The tubes appear to be in as good a condition, the only issue could be with boiler thickness under the cladding. The only issue apparent at the moment is the missing main stream collectors. These will be easily sourced from 15F 2929 which has already had the boiler opened up by the scrap metal merchants.